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The Benefits of Professional Plumber Maintenance

Professional plumbing maintenance is one of the best ways to keep the home plumbing system working optimally. It catches on to issues and allows a licensed plumber to remediate them right away. And while others may view it as an added maintenance expense in a household, annual plumbing checks and inspections can prevent significant plumbing expenses by catching brewing issues before they progress into a plumbing catastrophe.

Periodic plumbing maintenance paves the way for a sound plumbing system.

Moreover, annual plumbing maintenance can help prolong the life of the home water heater system. By periodically checking on this expensive appliance, small problems could get resolved before it causes a significant problem. 

Advantages of Periodic Plumber Care

Periodic plumbing service will take the guesswork out of the condition of the home plumbing system. It is not just checking for water leaks in and around the house, it can determine whether there are fixtures that are bound to retire and if there are portions of the piping network that could burst or break anytime. 

It could also provide maintenance care for the water heater system to flush out the sediments and other substances that got into the system. Through a conscious effort to keep the water heater well maintained, the equipment can last through its expected lifespan. 

Avoiding Significant Plumbing Issues

Scheduled plumbing maintenance effectively averts plumbing catastrophes. For instance, a licensed plumber can easily recognize sewer issues that could cause flooding and water damage in a home. The same goes for mainline problems that could end up dramatically increasing water bills. If you need help finding the best local plumber, then check yelp and other relevant sources.

Leak detection is yet another benefit of annual plumbing maintenance. Since leaks can occur even underground and beneath the walls, these must be detected right away to prevent water damage, mold and mildew growth, and pest infestation.  

Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Regular plumbing maintenance also assures homeowners that their plumbing system remains up to code. A plumbing system that adheres to the local plumbing guidelines is one that is far from incurring significant troubles that could prompt a disaster It also helps in plumbing and water damage related insurance claims in case there is a need to file for one since the insurance company will see that the homeowner was not remiss on his duties to maintain the home plumbing system. A sound plumbing system is also attractive to home buyers. is a great place to start to find a plumbing company that can keep regular maintenance on your home. Your home is an investment, keep it looking proper!

Plumbing upgrades for a modern bathroom

Modern bathrooms are more sleek, functional, and minimalist in design. With convenience and cleaner lines in mind, present-day bathroom designs seem easier to clean, with a brighter look into it. 

Owners of homes built more than five years or more usually mull the idea of renovating their bathroom with the help of a Home services company. Moreso owners of pre-owned properties did not have a say on the look and functionality of their toilet and bath. Below are some of the plumbing upgrades homeowners could consider giving their bathrooms a modern touch. 

Bathroom faucet upgrade

The bathroom faucet is one of the most used faucets inside the house and is most likely one of the first bathroom fixtures to get seen upon entry into the bathroom. Changing the faucet into a sleeker, newer model could instantaneously provide a fresher look for the toilet and bath area. 

Bonus points for a sleeker upgrade with an eco-friendly feature. For instance, newer faucet models have the option for low flow. Some on the other hand have aerators that allow everyone in the household to enjoy good water pressure while still being efficient with water consumption. 

Another good upgrade idea for the faucet is installing one with hands-free functionality. Going through a worldwide pandemic has made people more conscious about touching surfaces. And while hands-free faucets are common in public bathrooms, it is making an entry in the residential bathroom market, and it is a good item to consider when replacing a bathroom faucet. 

Switching to a rain shower head

Upgrading the traditional showerhead into a rain showerhead could add a more luxurious feel to any minimalistic bathroom. What is even great about rain showerheads is that it comes with other features such as changes in water pressure, and some even come with lights. Choosing a low-flow or aerated showerhead meanwhile increases the eco-friendliness of the bathroom – something that would benefit both the environment and the pocket according to San Diego Association. 

Bidet installation

More and more households are now considering using bidets given the shortage of toilet paper during the height of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Bidets are very popular in Asia and some European countries but it has yet to fully take off in the United States. Installing a bidet could lend even greater functionality to a sleek and modern bathroom. 

Toilet upgrade

While toilet bowls can last for several decades, some models that are nearing their end-of-life stage are no longer as efficient as newer models when it comes to water consumption. Choosing a water-saving toilet does not only help a homeowner get a lower water bill, but it also helps lend a fresh look to an otherwise dated bathroom.  

Installing or replacing a bathtub

Bathtubs are now sleeker and more functional than ever. This is due to the minimalist theme prevalent in modern bathrooms. If there is a space for a bathtub in a home, then it is worth considering since it is a great place to relax at the end of the day. It is also a good attraction for families with younger kids who can easily bathe in the tub.